Thanksgiving Pre-Order
Thanksgiving Pre-Order

Thanksgiving Pre-Order

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Pre-Order for Thanksgiving! Pickup will be Wednesday, November 23rd. Anytime from 8am-6pm. 

Please let us know what time you'd like to schedule your pickup in the note box of your order, or email us to let us know.  Email:

Flavors available: OG Chocolate Chip, Brown Sug. Oat Raisin, Coffee-Toffee Chip, and ChowChow Brookie. 

Titi Virgen's Coquito is also available for preorder! Coquito is a coconut based drink that's often referred to as Puerto Rican eggnog. Each 17 oz bottle will come with instruction on how to mix with Rum! The item does not contain alcohol. Or you can drink as is! Either way is delicious!! This item is Pickup only (no shipping).